Here you will find links to resources, news articles, information, and more about inactive oil wells in Alberta. Please familiarize yourself with this important literature before you consider adopting one of our orphan wells. If you would like to suggest a resource, please visit our contact page.

Alberta Energy Regulator on the Orphan Well Association:

Orphan Well Association Inventory

Orphan Well Association – Taking Orphans

Alberta Energy Regulator on Closure: Abandonment, Remediation and Reclamation

Redwater Case 

Supreme Court of Canada Case Summary – Orphan Well Association v. Grant Thorton Ltd.

Supreme Court rules energy companies must clean up old wells — even in bankruptcy

What the Redwater ruling means for Alberta’s thousands of inactive oil and gas wells

Putting the Supreme Court’s Redwater decision in context

The catch-22 of the Redwater case. Who gets the profits from selling a bankrupt oil and gas company?

Canadians Should Be on Red Alert over Alberta Redwater Energy Case

Fight over bankrupt oil company lands at Supreme Court

News | Articles | Opinion

Orphan Oil and Gas Wells Raise Contamination Fears on Northeast BC farmland  

Alberta failing on Risk from Leaking Oil Gas Wells, Says Expert

Lexin Resources and the dark side of Alberta’s downturn

Lexin bankruptcy leads to millions in rising costs for Orphan Well Association 

Energy Industry Legacy: Hundreds of Abandoned Wells Leaking Methane in Alberta Communities

Alberta offers $235M loan to clean up orphan wells 

Critics say abandoned Alberta oil wells pose environmental risk

INTERACTIVE: The hidden cost of abandoned oil and gas wells in Alberta

Alberta group tackles growth in abandoned oil wells

Alberta sees huge spike in abandoned oil and gas wells

Further Reading & Resources

Reclaim Alberta Learning Centre

An Orphan Well and a Power Station A Golden Opportunity for Clarity as to Orphan Well Laws (Including Urban Areas) DORIN LAND AND OILFIELD MANAGEMENT INC. DORIN. An Orphan Well and a Power Station

The Inactive Well Compliance Program: Alberta’s latest attempt to bring the inactive well problem under control By Barry Robinson

Landowners’ Guide to Oil and Gas Development 3rd edition (Book):