Orphan wells are oil wells that have abandoned by their caretaker oil and gas company, often located on private property. Before wells become orphans, regulators investigate for “legally responsible and/or financially viable parties”. As the oil and gas industry enters rocky times, the orphanage is growing. With over 80,000 inactive wells across the province of Alberta, there are almost 2,000 orphan wells up for adoption this year.

At this time, it is critical to make sure that these wells receive time, attention, and care, not only for their own well-being but for the safety and health of their immediate environment including natural resources (soil and groundwater), plants, wildlife, and the humans that live near them. YOU can make a difference. View some of our orphans below and visit our Resources and Information section to learn more about the economic, social, and environmental impacts of this growing issue.

Interested in becoming a caretaker for an orphan well? View a selection of orphans below. Please click to view and learn their names. Our Adoption application link will go live on this website in September 2017! Visit this website to complete the application or meet with a OWAA representative at TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary. Please check back for days and times.