Thank you for visiting our website. At this time, we are no longer accepting orphan well adoption applications online.

Please check back for upcoming dates for our next orphan well adoption days at one of our offsite offices. Orphan Well Adoption Days allow members of the public to meet in-person at one of our off-site offices with an Orphan Well Adoption Agency (OWAA) representative. During your meeting, our representative will take you through the orphan well adoption interview process, which includes questions about your knowledge of and experience with orphan wells as well as your general caretaking experience. If approved, you will receive the name and location of your adopted well*, along with an adoption certificate and a postcard** of an orphan well.

*You will be required to sign the OWAA Consent, Release Waiver and Indemnity form. OWAA does not facilitate in-person meetings between wells and caretakers, however, we do encourage and facilitate mailed correspondence.

**The well on the postcard may not be your adopted well.